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Official declaration to rumors spreading in the Indonesian market
Apr 14, 2008

Official declaration to rumors spreading in the Indonesian market

14th April, 2008.

Dear all J&W distributors and customers,

Over the last week, we have received many enquiries from our distributors and OEM customers concerning the fake ‘DFI” branded motherboards case discovered in the Indonesian market.

We checked in details with those information provided by them and we noticed that those board pictures were taken from our high-quality motherboards manufactured; yet, they are not branded as “DFI” by J&W. We must emphasize that we did not and this is an official declaration.

After tracing all our sales record to the Indonesian market, we found that on January 2008, a company named “Tiga-Dimensicom” had purchased a certain quantity of MCP68PV and MCP73V motherboards from J&W, which they claimed are for OEM & project purpose, and no J&W brand logo should be included in the motherboard, manual, driver disc and BIOS as requested. (Note: We may provide evidences to related parties upon requests, but we will not disclose them here.)

These motherboards left our factories legitimately without any infringements (i.e. without any logo, without the "DFI" brand logo). We did not, and we absolutely would not support this kind of infringement activities, which is illegal and immoral.

During these few days, we also received reports that the Indonesian and Philippines distributors of one of the motherboard manufacturers accused us, J&W, for making such faked motherboard under the “DFI” brand name. We hereby declaring that we did not, and will never, manufacture pirated products which would infringe the intellectual properties/ copyrights of other parties. We only produce OEM/ODM products for our customers under their brand names when authorized. We hereby also condemn those types of activities conducted by these distributors to discredit our company’s image and are asking for a STOP of that. We reserve all the rights for legal actions against them.

Yours sincerely,

J&W Technology Limited